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Zalando x Estée Lauder

Zalando and Estée Lauder’s new campaign showcases a series of bold and relatable films that explore the concept of wellness. Directed by Fiona Jane Burgess and produced by Halal, the campaign exudes positivity and humour – weaving between diverse narratives that show how to break and rewrite beauty routines.

The dynamic edit features stylish and colourful sets, each with a distinct identity that serves as a backdrop for various characters’ personalities and energies to shine through. At the heart of the film is a poem by Cecilia Knapp, which sends the message that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the notion of wellness.

We sourced an ‘80s Italo disco-style track that utilises bright synths, bouncing bass and a pounding kick to build towards a euphoric climax. We also provided the sound design and mix for the campaign, reflecting the natural sound throughout and enhancing the playful edit transitions.