66 Old Compton Street


Thomas Heatherwick is one of Britain’s most remarkable designers, and founder of the multi-award winning Heatherwick studio, a London-based design and architecture studio established in 1990. He has created innovative sculptures, buildings and spaces across the world, including the UK Pavilion in China, Longchamps New York retail store, as well as Spun; an exploration into the spinning of metal to create a chair.

Heatherwick started the design of what would become the Spun chair around 2007, in collaboration with Italian furniture manufacturer Magis. In this new film, produced by RSA Films and directed by Juriaan Booij, the designer himself reveals the thought processes behind Spun – from the initial idea to the materialized object, as the concept of a completely symmetrical rotational chair comes to fruition.

We sourced an ambient track that reflects the elegance and creativity of the piece. Xylophonic, percussive chimes acknowledge the cultured use of metallic materials in Spun’s construction, while playful synthesizer melodies reflect the pioneering imagination behind the design.

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