66 Old Compton Street


It’s been 25 years since the Aztrek OG and Rapide trainer were created, and now Reebok are reintroducing them to a new generation. The campaign film takes us on a journey of 90s inspired music and style, from a pool club in Peckham to a neon rave deep in the forest. Taking inspiration from the subcultures born out of Europe in the 90’s and the influencers that helped mould Reebok into what it is today, a nostalgic yet modern recollection of their story is told by spoken word artist, James Massiah.

Directed by Pablo Rivera and Santiago Arbelaez of La Familia, the film shows off the iconic runners using retro graphics, animations and GIFs, as if caught in a video game. We composed the music and sound design throughout the film, which fuses jungle and garage in a bass-heavy soundtrack.