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Marshall NSL 2.0

Kevin Castanheira and DOGEATDOG’s latest film celebrates ’60 Years of Loud’ by reimagining the cultural moments that define Marshall’s history. It starts with the creation of the first amplifier in 1962, and captures its presence on stages and in recording studios in the glam rock, heavy metal and punk eras thereafter. Through kinetic editing and innovative visual production, it all ties back to the present — where the brand’s presence in the headphone and home audio market has garnered a whole new generation of fans.

We partnered with Marshall once again to provide an original composition to mark their diamond anniversary. Opening with the unmistakable whirr of heavy feedback, our track evolves dynamically as the film spans distinct moments in time and space. An off-kilter drum beat then builds towards a powerful crescendo alongside a defiant guitar riff that reflects the brand’s rock-and-roll heritage.