66 Old Compton Street

Good Morning

‘Good Morning’ is a bold story of self-destruction, addiction and ambition from director Andre Bato, set over the course of one late night in Los Angeles. The 25-minute short film emphasises the concept of duality, revealing the struggles and experiences of six characters across a multi-screen video installation at The Weylin in Brooklyn, New York. 

The film follows a woman named Sosa as she traverses Los Angeles’ nightclubs, back alleys and neon-lit bodegas. By combining handheld camerawork, strobe lighting, striking use of colour and immersive sound design, the film vividly captures the after-hours of the city.

We licensed four unique tracks to accentuate the stark moods and dynamics of the film’s multi-layered narrative. Alain Kan’s French glam-funk track ‘Nadine, Jimmy et Moi’, Suicide’s synth ballad ‘Cheree’, and Jimmy Durante’s transcendent jazz-pop number ‘Don’t Lose Your Sense of Humor’ each bring style, verve and charm to Sosa’s journey, while Pavarotti’s ‘Nessun Dorma’ offers introspection and intensity as the film reaches a dramatic climax.