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After winning the Best Original Music prize at Kinsale for our work on Fx Goby and Nexus Studio’s ‘The Shimmering Extraordinary: Annie’ in 2021, we were invited to collaborate with Scottish Ballet once again for a new film in 2022.

In ‘Forming’, screening via NOWNESS, directors Eve McConnachie and Chloe Rosser explore the experience of living with a neurological condition through evocative footage of two faceless human bodies. The film centres on a pair of amateur dancers from Scottish Ballet’s Elevate® — a dance programme for people living with multiple sclerosis — who silently twist and contort their bodies in a surreal and powerful performance.

We were responsible for the music composition, utilising a minimal and textural electronic soundscape to build a sense of tension and unease as the dancers perform. Bassy drones and reverberations partner with crackles and electronic ambience, augmenting the eeriness of the film’s visuals before a dynamic crescendo marks an unsettling climax.

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 15.24.59

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