66 Old Compton Street

Dr. Martens

Dr. Marten’s SS20 Tough As You campaign celebrates over six decades of association with some of Britain’s most iconic counter-culture movements. Over the years the definition of toughness has changed and in this latest film they question what it means to be tough in 2020.

Director Taz Tron Delix’s film combines experimental camera techniques and kinetic editing with a striking yellow hue to create a powerful aesthetic throughout. Psych rock band Naked Giants, photographer Lotte Van Eijk, grime-punk artist Bob Vylan and gender-fluid model Avie Acosta all star in this series of provocative visuals – all shot on 16mm film.

We composed a raw and dynamic track across the film, fusing rhythmic percussion, dark industrial bass drones and distorted guitars to help drive the energetic edit.