66 Old Compton Street

British Vogue

‘A Significant Name’ is the third film in British Vogue’s 2021 Pride video series, directed by Diane Russo-Cheng for the magazine’s Pride celebrations. It follows a second-generation Taiwanese immigrant named Ban Ban, who was born and raised in Texas, as she explores how her dual lineage and assignment of an anglicised name has helped her make sense of her identity.

The film reflects this duality by jumping between real-time conversation and VHS recordings of Ban Ban’s childhood, showing how their family adapted to western culture by going to rodeos and dude ranches. We sourced archival Taiwanese tracks, weaving together visuals of old footage with an authentic soundtrack.

We also provided the sound design throughout, bringing an intimacy to the quieter moments of the film and a sense of place and belonging with the natural sounds of the environment.