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adidas has unveiled a new ‘Ready For Sport’ film series, created by Iris, that places focus on athletes around the world as they prepare for a busy summer of sporting action. We provided music supervision for the project, sourcing ‘The Beginning’ by Peru as the soundtrack across the series, and adapted the music to fit the atmosphere and emotion of each film. With booming sub-bass and distorted percussion, the track builds towards a powerful crescendo at the climax of each film.

In the first episode, ‘Lionel Messi: The Gift’, the brand captures widespread anticipation for the return of competitive football by focusing on one of the sport’s most recognisable talents. At 33 years old Messi remains a talisman for the game, and in this film he reflects on the honour he feels for having been able to enjoy such a long career working in football, concluding that “the greatest gift for all is to create joy for others”. The soundtrack underpins the athlete’s emotive dialogue with chiming pianos and atmospheric synth pads.

Second episode ‘Chasing Meaning’ follows adidas runners from three different continents as they resume training after months of disruption. Nabila Sam, Jessie Zapo, and Paolo Bellomo have each re-evaluated what running means to them, asking the question “how do you motivate yourself when no-one is watching?”. The film delves into the mindset of a group of athletes who, on a psychological level, have had to push themselves harder than ever before.