Cowpuncher My Ass

A subversive dance show combining vivid costumes with a score by composer Mica Levi will return to the Southbank Centre in London this February. ‘Cowpuncher My Ass’ is the work of choreographer Holly Blakey, with whom we previously collaborated on our two-time Creativepool 2022 Music & Sound award-winning project ‘Imaginations Run Wild’ for Jo Malone.

The sequel to ‘Cowpuncher’ revisits the colourful and often violent themes of the 2018 original in a story of fear and togetherness, with line dancing and “loud music” exemplifying the bright and fun nature of the western-inspired production. In an interview with the Southbank Centre, Blakey also praised the diversity of the cast — in a performance that actively deconstructs the gender hierarchies enforced by the genre.

While costumes designed by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood are among the visual highlights, this new performance notably features 20 musicians from the London Contemporary Orchestra — who bring life to Mica Levi’s original score. The Academy Award-nominated musician, who has collaborated with the likes of Arca, Tirzah and Mount Kimbie in the past, previously scored major films such as ‘Jackie’, ‘Under The Skin’ and ‘Zola’.

‘Cowpuncher My Ass’ takes place at the Royal Festival Hall at London’s Southbank Centre on 15 Feb 2023.