Tomorrow’s Home

An immersive exhibition showcasing living spaces of the future has opened at London’s Museum of the Home. ‘Tomorrow’s Home’, from The Liminal Space creative studio, draws from research undertaken by the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering to imagine how home design might evolve to navigate climate change, new technologies and societal evolution by the year 2050.

‘Tomorrow’s Home’ envisions home life from the perspective of three unique individuals — a vegan teenager, an elderly retiree, and a physically-impaired 34-year-old. They are imagined as members of an ageing population living through a new technological revolution and a climate crisis — raising questions about independent living, digital surveillance and the changing planet.

The exhibits on display respond directly to these contexts, with highlights including doormats that detect intruders, wallpaper that responds to human emotions, and fridges that let supermarkets know when you’re running low on food. Wooden toys could harvest static electricity, while bathroom mirrors might offer positive affirmations in the morning. With microphones and cameras becoming more prevalent in the home, meanwhile, the exhibition points to devices that may respond to the tone and volume of the human voice as well as the words spoken.

‘Tomorrow’s World’ runs until 9 Jan 2022 at the Museum of the Home, London.


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