Ryoji Ikeda

A new audiovisual exhibition by visual artist Ryoji Ikeda will take place at 180 The Strand in London this May. The exhibition, produced and curated by The Vinyl Factory and Fact Magazine, will comprise twelve large-scale multimedia works as part of the pioneering Japanese artist’s largest display to date.

Ikeda is known for art pieces inspired by particle physics and quantum mechanics that combine intense projections with abrasive data visualizations. Projects such as the ‘data-verse’ trilogy combine 3D animations with self-composed soundscapes made up of sine tones, white noise and other unconventional sound frequencies. Described by Ikeda as “a manipulation of numbers and relationships,” these works are designed to stimulate and challenge the senses.

In the Brutalist exhibition space at 180 The Strand, Ikeda will premiere several new works alongside a collection of immersive sound, light and haptic installations from across his career. Highlights include the hypnotic ‘point of no return’, a virtual construction mimicking the experience of entering a black hole, ‘a (continuum)’, which utilises six colossal Meyer SB-1 speakers as contemporary minimalist sculptures, and ‘spectra III’, a giant tunnel of strobe-lighting.

Ryoji Ikeda | 180 Studios will run from 20th May to 1st August 2021 at 180 The Strand, London.