Music For Dance & Theatre – Volume One

Music From Memory, the Amsterdam record label dedicated to unearthing visionary music from both the past and the present, have announced the first of a new series of EPs. ‘Music for Dance & Theatre – Volume One’ will be released on March 23, and collates four tracks that were initially created or inspired by dance and performance.

The music that makes up the first EP is sourced from a variety of obscure sources. Gerard Stokkink’s electronic opening piece was created for a theatre performance at the Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theatre in 1984. Atlantis Transit Project’s ‘Bird Perspective’, on the other hand, is a musique concrète piece featuring birdcalls and tribal drums, that was originally performed by the Denmark collective in 1989.

‘Music for Dance & Theatre – Volume One’ is released on March 23, 2020, via Music From Memory.