Nan Goldin: Sirens

A major new exhibition by American photographer Nan Goldin has opened at the Marian Goodman Gallery in London. ‘Sirens’ showcases new video projects alongside a range of Goldin’s historical works from between 1994 and 2019. It is her first solo presentation in London since 2002.

USA. Brooklyn, NY. 2018. Nan Goldin.

Goldin’s photography has been praised for its candid style and use of colour, and typically focuses on LGBT communities, health and drug crises, and moments of intimacy between subjects. Her works in the 1970s and 1980s while living in New York have been described as “a time capsule of a community and culture that would soon be lost due to the AIDS crisis.”

Three of Goldin’s newest video works are premiered at the ‘Sirens’ exhibition, each accompanied by a score from composer Mica Levi. ‘Memory Lost’ is a digital slideshow recounting a life of drug addiction, while ‘Sirens’ marks Goldin’s first found footage video project. ‘Salome’ completes the trio – a tri-screen presentation based on the Biblical story of the same name.

‘Sirens’ runs until January 11, 2020 at The Marian Goodman Gallery.