Late Junction Festival Day Two: This is Not This Heat, CURL & O Yama O

BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction is a late-night radio show broadcast three times weekly, that showcases “an eclectic mix of world music, ranging from the ancient to the contemporary”. Late Junction Festival, the show’s first ever music festival, features a wide cross-section of genre-defying musical artists – and on Day Two of the event, they invite This Is Not This Heat, CURL, and O Yama O to the stage. 


This Heat’s volatile brand of avant-garde post-punk is regarded as a vital precursor to the post-rock and math-rock genres, and was a key influence on the sound of bands like Sonic Youth and Public Image Ltd. The band’s two albums and EP were recorded between 1976 and 1981 in a disused cold storage room at a former meat pie factory in Brixton. They consist of dissonant musical arrangements that focus on skewed time signatures, jarring, percussive rhythms and chanted vocals. 

London duo O Yama O, which combines artist Rie Nakajima and Cafe OTO co-founder Keiko Yamamoto, released their innovative debut album in October 2018 on MANA Records. They will perform ahead of CURL, a collective that features experimental pop musician and film scorer Mica Levi alongside rapper-producers Coby Sey and Brother May. 

Post-punk songwriter and NTS DJ Carla dal Forno will close the event with a DJ set.

Late Junction Festival Day Two will take place at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) on March 1st, 2019.

This Is Not This Heat recently announced their last ever London performance, at The Albany on May 25th.