Helado Negro – ‘Running’

Floridian musician Roberto Carlos Lange, better known as Helado Negro, has released ‘Running’, the third track from his forthcoming sixth album ‘This Is How You Smile’.


Lange’s work tends to be defined by gentle, organic instruments and dense synth pads, which contribute to a strong emotive core. This is demonstrated by two previous cuts from the album – ‘Please Won’t Please‘ and ‘Pais Nublado‘. The latest track, ‘Running’, establishes a tranquil mood by using deep, reverberating piano chords and a rich, laid back drum beat as the primary instrumentation, leaving space for Lange’s earnest vocals.

The profound atmosphere is accentuated by David Merten’s video – a black and white series of shots that show a solitary figure determinedly running through hills. The clips are edited in a choppy, kinetic style that is at odds with the song’s gentle pace. The protagonist never reaches his destination, and the ending scene suggests a cyclical continuation of his journey.

Lange’s sixth album ‘This Is How You Smile’ will be released on March 8th 2019, via RVNG Intl. He is set to perform at Hammersmith Eventim Apollo on April 12th, supporting Beirut as part of an ongoing world tour.

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