Sound On with Daniel Lopatin & Mica Levi

A24 is the indie production and distribution company responsible for some of the most exciting film releases of the past decade, including Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, music documentary Amy, and critically praised horror film Hereditary. Since it’s inception in 2012, the studio has garnered 24 Academy Award nominations, winning the Best Picture Oscar for coming-of-age drama Moonlight in 2017.

The A24 Podcast is the studio’s latest endeavour, with the first episode published in February 2018. Each episode consists of unguided conversations between various industry collaborators – previous guests include actor Ethan Hawke, comedian Bo Burnham, and filmmaker Sofia Coppola. The latest episode invites musicians Mica Levi and Daniel Lopatin to talk about their experiences; they discuss how they initially met over the internet in 2009, their favourite film scores, and their philosophies in creating their own film music.


Mica Levi is known for experimental pop band Micachu and the Shapes, and composed the score to one of A24’s first releases in 2013, Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score for her work on Jackie in 2016.

Daniel Lopatin is better known as Oneohtrix Point Never. He has released numerous experimental electronic records under this moniker, and has collaborated with the likes of FKA Twigs, David Byrne and Anohni. He scored the A24 release Good Time in 2017, which competed in the main competition at Cannes Film Festival that year.

Sound On with Daniel Lopatin & Mica Levi can be streamed below.