Harumi Yamaguchi – Selected Works 1974-1985

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Artist, feminist and one of the original ‘Shibuya Girls’, Harumi Yamaguchi, presents her first solo show outside of Asia at the Project Native Informant gallery. A leading name in Japanese advertising since the 1970s, ‘HarumiĀ Gals’ portray the cosmopolitan woman, liberated and empowered. Yamaguchi pioneered the dramatic flat airbrush technique, closely associated with the visual identity of the Parco department store, where she played a central role in its creative direction.

The exhibition brings together paintings, advertisement posters and video works that are bold and direct, often depicting women in motion, swinging from ropes and floating in swimming pools. Colours are exaggerated and paintings become almost sculptural, having been strategically placed in corners and printed onto glossy poster paper.


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